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‘Life is our teacher. Living from the RCY framework helps you master your lessons.’



Our leading Program – Red, Cream, Yellow


What if we all saw the world through the eyes of Red Cream and Yellow?


We would see safe communities, resilient people, a thriving environment and healthy, empowered youth. 


This program helps us assess our thoughts, feelings, words and actions in order to reduce the effects of negative thinking and lifestyle practices. 

 If people feel good, they do good.

People feel good by:

  1. learning to tune in to how they feel within their body…which allows them to


  2. listen to their own unique inner wisdom…which helps them


  3. consciously fuel their own inner strength…which results in


  4. making purposeful decisions that benefit themselves, others and Earth.


 How can RCY be used?


  By:        individuals        families        groups        classrooms        organisations.  


How will I feel after learning the secrets of RCY:

▸ Inspired

▸ Empowered

▸ Alive

▸ Compassionate

▸ Calmer

▸ Relieved

▸ Excited

▸ Awakening awareness

▸ Free to discover and unleash the real you

▸ Connected to your body

▸ Connected to others

▸ Joyful & More at ease

I just LOVE it!

Female – early 20’s

Awesome Concept. You have made something very complex into something amazingly simple"

Male – early 40’s

"Wonder Seminar. Opened my mind to a whole new approach to life."

Female – early 40’s

"I love how you pull it back to humanity. The world needs that."

Female – Mid 20’s

"Your that Cream Lady!"

Male – 8 years of age

"I was drowning in my heart and mind and now I see more clearly..."

Female – Mid 20’s

How Can We Connect?

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Allow my Blog writings to reveal the multiple ways that RCY can enhance your daily living – healing yourself, our communities, our planet at the same time.


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Creating a culture of interconnected, healing change, is possible for:  individuals, workplaces, organisations & communities.

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